Anuel AA was again in poor evidence

March 26, 202016: 31 hours

Emmanuel Gazmey Santiago better known as Anuel AA is a 27-year-old Puerto Rican singer who has made himself known in all the media in the last two years.

As a curious fact about the singer Anuel, we highlight that he has a beautiful son and that he is also the son of an important businessman who was vice president of the Sony music label in Puerto Rico. What a coincidence!

And since he is the boyfriend of the singer Karol G, his fame has increased since many media are very aware of the artists, especially their Instagram accounts.

Recently, we have come across a video that has left everyone with their mouths open And it is that the singer Anuel AA cries inconsolably because her hair does not grow Poor thing!

As expected, all his fans commented on the video and advised him to stay calm because if his hair is stressed, it will start to fall. How funny!