Video Orlando Bloom shares Katy Perry’s huge belly dancing to the beat of the music | AP

Katy Perry still dares to dance to the beat of Nightcrawlers « Push The Feeling On » days after giving birth to her first child; this while being captured on video by her partner Orlando Bloom.

In the recording that the handsome actor shared on social networks, it can be seen that the singer is traveling as a co-pilot in a car and suddenly asks what day it is, to which Orlando answers: « Friday ».

At that moment the song begins to play and the famous singer gets out of the car and shows her belly while dancing next to the moving car.

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The famous reacted with « cheers » for the beautiful Katy, who does not lose heart or rhythm despite his advanced condition.

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The video shared three days ago on the proud father’s Instagram account has more than three and a half million views and hundreds of beautiful messages for the couple.

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Ayyyy what day is it ?, was the text with which Bloom accompanied the funny video.

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The couple are expecting their daughter, whose arrival is scheduled for the end of August. For her it is his first daughter, while for him it is the second.