Video of the strongest man in the world hitting a former Olympic athlete goes viral

Nile Wilson, a retired Olympic gymnast and now a blogger, decided to upload a video to see the strength and what it feels like to be hit by the most powerful man in the world.

To do this, he asked Eddi Hall, who won the title of the strongest man in the world in 2017, to give him a blow to see what it feels like. The video went viral because after the impact, you can see how Wilson is fired into the air.

In addition to Hall’s proven physical strength and power, it should be noted that the former professional strongman weighs about 160 kilos compared to Wilson’s 60 kilos.

After the risky challenge and the powerful blow, the former athlete confirmed that he did not suffer major injuries despite the protection and that he is well. However, his video has become extremely popular and we leave it here for you to enjoy: