Video of Jennifer Lopez, shows her curves on the beach

Video of Jennifer Lopez, shows her curves on the beach | AP

Singer and businesswoman Jennifer Lopez shared a video where she appears showing her curves in a photo shoot alternating with a video that she had previously shared.

Without a doubt the beautiful ex-wife of Marc Anthony He knows very well how to attract the attention of his followers, especially when it comes to showing off his figure that has so captivated millions for more than 35 years that he has been in his career.

Jennifer Lopez To date, she continues to maintain herself as a whole young lady, all this is thanks to the fact that she maintains her figure through constant exercise and, above all, very good nutrition.

The beautiful celebrity shared the video through her official Instagram account, it was on April 5 the day she published it, this was a kind of sample for her followers because the photos were for an important magazine with which in several occasions we have seen several photos published.

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The interpreter of “On The Floor“She is very flirtatious in the images that we can see, some of them we have already seen published, on the cover the first one we see is her with a white shirt and dark glasses, with a white frame to match perfectly with her blouse.

Followed by this image we find her wearing a short black and white scene, while wearing leggings and a hangover shirt, the images were taken in a low perspective so its characteristics huge charms Later they stood out in bulk, in the background you could see the sea and some ships very far away.

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On January 23, he shared a publication where he appears with a casual outfit precisely on the beach, we see this image again in this new video, it seems that it was the same date that the photo shoots were made.

It seems that it is a compilation of the content that they have been showing us during the last weeks, however, although some scenes are to some extent repetitive, they are most pleasant because we see it as radiant and excited.


Another of the images that we find in her video clip is one where she is kneeling on the beach, wearing what seems to be a white shirt but with a lot of fabric, it could well pass for a short dress, but with great breadth, the striking thing is that JLo it’s a little wet.

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The same day that he published this video, he also shared a photo where he appears wearing a complete swimsuit in beige and with metal details on the entire edge of the design, obviously he was also on the beach with this cute swimsuit.

Shining and wearing a spectacular smile Jenny From The Block to date has more than 3 million views in addition to nine thousand comments highlighting her beauty.

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Perhaps one of the outfits that most attracted the attention of those who were wearing, was a long sleeveless dress with a round neck, this was black and a little loose at the bottom, although also as it was wet it made it look with this effect.

The song that is heard in the background is by Blaeker is titled “Get Out Of My Mind“From the album with the same name, it was released in 2019, this title is found in other melodies so it seems that it is something quite common, although of course they are different genres.

The beautiful model, actress and businesswoman continually attracts the attention of Internet users with her publications and projects that she undertakes, as she always has.