Video of Chayanne and “his best dance”, fans say it!


Video of Chayanne and

Video of Chayanne and “his best dance”, fans say it! | .

Elmer Figueroa Arce is his full name (AFP)

Elmer Figueroa Arce is his full name | .

The famous singer Chayanne appears in a video that was published a month ago, according to the title of the video he affirms that it is the best dance that the interpreter of “has done.Waltz time“.

Considered one of the best interpreters of pop music, Elmer Figueroa Arce real name of the Puerto Rican singer internationally known as Chayanne, continues to be active after 43 years, since his career began in 1978.

Undoubtedly throughout his career not only as a singer but also as an actor, Chayanne today is a celebrity in show business, loved and respected by millions who are aware of any news of his work or his private life, who like many know he is quite reserved when it comes to this issue.

However, over the years some interviewers have managed to share some information about the singer, for example in an interview where he appeared on the Lo + Plus program in September 2003, in which he admitted that he did not like to dance and that he did not consider himself a good dancer, which has been thanks to choreographies of his songs that he knows some steps, but that he is certainly not a very good dancer, what he does is learn them perfectly.

This information is undoubtedly something with which many of his followers and fans were more than impressed, by the fact that in his presentations Chayanne usually executes each one of his dances to perfection, which without a doubt are not lacking in his concerts , It is something that characterizes him and that his fans are fascinated by.

In a video that was shared nine months ago, on April 24, 2020, Chayanne appears precisely in one of his concerts presenting the song “This rhythm is danced like this“Some female fans were recording it while he was preparing to interpret said single with which he was relying on his fans to interpret it while they sang the chorus.

The video It is entitled “Chayanne’s best dance – You have to see it”, this was shared on the Top Viral channel and already has more than 664 thousand reproductions.

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Chayanne is wearing black silk pants and shirt, the outfit is a bit tight so the muscles of his legs are marked quite well, apparently the common thing for the singer to wear this type of dark outfit, on his Instagram it We see wearing black pants with a dark shirt in several videos, only with some details in red, which is the most abundant in their presentations.

The Puerto Rican singer is quite flirtatious, although always very respectful of his fans, in the video it is possible to hear that they asked him to blow them a kiss, however, in the face of so many screams from the audience, he may not have been able to hear.

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In approximately five minutes those who have seen the video have delighted their pupils seeing Chayanne doing some flirtatious steps that have surely been part of his presentations for years, this because it seems so natural in him when dancing that it would be difficult to believe that He knows how to dance.

Among the comments on the video, his admirers do nothing but flatter the artist by stating that he is an excellent dancer, as well as a gentleman and an extremely nice and humble person.

Something that has characterized Chayanne throughout his career is that he is always on the lookout for his admirers, he tries to greet as many as possible and have a little contact with them that is why he is so loved.