Video of Ana Cheri makes her show off her curves instantly

Video of Ana Cheri makes her show off her curves instantly | Instagram

The model and American businesswoman Ana Cheri decided to delight her fans through a video where she appears showing off her curves, as part of the “Get fit with Ana Cheri” program.

For a few weeks Ana Cheri decided to constantly share some videos where he would be showing some exercise techniques.

Apparently this is the second promotional video that the beautiful celebrity of fitness coaching shares on Instagram, the wife of Ben moreland He has taken on the task of helping his millions of followers, perhaps to improve their lifestyle.

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Since a few years ago she ventured into the world of social networks, this beauty has stood out in the world of fitness.

This is not only because of constantly exercising but because of the fact that he shares some tips not only to exercise but also to have a more complete diet.

Elevated Heel Squats and RDL An amazing new exercise for you to try that really works well and gets you going for the summer, “wrote Ana Cheri.

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In her new video Cheri appears wearing her own sportswear from Cheri fit, your sportswear brand, always highlighting your curves.

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