Video of 2015 by Javier Ceriani already denounced the poor condition of buildings near the one that fell in Miami

Javier Ceriani.

Photo: Gossip No Like / Courtesy

Javier Ceriani, famous host of the show Chisme No Like, evidenced in 2015 the poor condition of buildings near the one that fell in Miami. Through Instagram, the Argentine shared his video and stated the following in words: “We denounced him in 2015” The Sick Buildings of Miami. “

He added: “The Harbor House and other Buildings in Bal Harbor and Miami Beach, They were glamorous on the outside and rotten on the inside. Report that I got the City of Bal Harbor to force a review; the plans disappeared and we showed SIDE B of Miami. Together with my friend and brother the architect @gerardofeldman @tribecagroup for @ americateve41 AQP Show #colapsoedificiomiami ”.

Carolina Sandoval has seen the publication of the Argentine journalist reacting with clear sadness and it is that many are affected by this catastrophe that has hit the city of Miami. Many missing, dead and few survivors for the closing of this note.

In addition to Sandoval, many others have expressed their opinion about the information that he shared with his audience several years ago and this is what they have expressed: “How terrible that for the enrichment of many, Today we are mourning the loss of so many.” Fabiola Ángulo also took the floor as Carolina Sandoval and says: “Wow @javierceriani I remember that report and how much we did not denounce in the show.”

Others affirm that for this report the Argentine journalist has won an Emmy: “Today if you won an Emmy, you dear … that had to be said and was said.” They also agree that if they had echoed Ceriani’s words and warnings, many lives could have been saved: “Wow, sheer appearance… Regrettable the lives that could have been saved. Good report ”.

According to the . agency, the president, Joe Biden, affirmed this Friday that his government will offer all the necessary help “Both now and later” due to the partial collapse of a residential building facing the beach in Miami-Dade (Florida), where at least 4 people have died and there are 159 missing.

The president took a few minutes to talk about this tragedy in the White House before signing a law to turn the place of the 2016 shooting against the Pulse nightclub in Orlando (Florida) into a monument.

Biden said he had spoken with the governor of that state, Ron DeSantis, to convey that the federal government will provide all necessary assistance. He stressed that these are “hard times”, because there are many people waiting. Are they alive? Biden wondered, alluding to those missing under the rubble.

The Biden Executive has approved the emergency declaration for the collapse of the apartment building. This declaration authorizes the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) and specifically the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) to coordinate “all relief efforts to alleviate the difficulties and suffering caused.” In this way, FEMA will be able to mobilize and provide equipment and resources to help in this emergency.

The 12-story oceanfront building has 136 apartments, and about 55 of them collapsed along the northeast corridor, according to Miami-Dade Fire Deputy Chief Raide Jadallah. Experts estimate that it will take months and perhaps years to determine the causes of the complete collapse of one of the building’s wings.

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