Video Noelia shows off her rear while doing the supermarket | Instagram

The singer Noelia shared a video where she subtly showed off her cute and round rear while waiting to do the grocery shopping. Supermarket.

Due to the COVID-19 first known as coronavirus the society it has been forced to quarantine.

This measure has been taken by the governments of the countries to avoid even more infections and possible deaths of their governed.

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Currently the interpreter of “Give me a reason” He is living in the United States, it was through the description of his video that specified why he was waiting outside in his car.

“Responsibly, waiting the turn to pick up the purchases in the supermarket … #pickupgroceries”, part of the description of the singer.

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What residents of U.S They are doing is that to avoid entering the store to start selecting their items, they make a call for an order and are given a day and time to pick it up.

“#distanciasocial Los Amo y Espero are all as safe as possible. #Noelia”, ended the singer.

In the video you can see Noelia Lorenzo Mongue who is in the trailing seats of the car with the door open and she standing, the Puerto Rican is turning its back on you to the camera so you can see its rear.

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Possessor of an exquisite figure Noelia He is not afraid to show off his charms whenever he has a chance, it is a way to keep his followers attentive to his publications.

Despite the fact that the interpreter of “Nail me your love” She is in her forties, she does not neglect her business as a whole enterprising woman is attentive and promoting constantly through her official Instagram account.

It seems that she is a woman who has no rest, but when someone does something that she really likes, we do not consider it as a job, perhaps that is what she thinks, what you think.

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