Video: Neuer’s incredible mistake condemns Bayern Munich

The German goalkeeper usually saves difficult balls, and not the other way around.

Photo: Christof Stache / AFP / Getty Images

The greats also fail, even in moments when the focus is maximum, such as in the first leg of the UEFA Champions League quarter-finals. Manuel Neuer, goalkeeper and captain of Bayern Munich, “ate” a ball that in theory should be easy for any goalkeeper. It was a mistake that put Paris Saint-Germain ahead.

A shot from Mbappé without good placement or power it happened between the legs of the German and quickly put the Bavarians in trouble. You can see how Neuer tried to take the ball with his hands, but incredibly he did not calculate well. The ball brushed him in the middle of his legs, and he took the opposite direction, entering the goal.

Neuer opened the match

The error occurred at minute 3 ‘of the game, when the teams were still catching up in the game. Bayern Munich immediately had to play more aggressive, while PSG took confidence in someone else’s home and believed themselves capable of anything.

Let us remember the importance of the away goal from the second round of the Champions League. For example, if a tie ends in a draw, the team that has scored the most goals at their opponent’s home will qualify for the next round. Thus, the French achieved their first goal as soon as the match began: to score at least one goal in Germany.

The game turned back and forth, and the scoreboard reflected it in the following minutes. Up to three goals were scored in the first half, which ended in favor of PSG (1-2).

Those led by Hansi Flick face the most real threat of the season, coincidentally the team that beat the last edition of the Champions League. Having started with such a mistake could be the key to the crossover.

The second leg of the UEFA Champions League quarter-final will be next week, specifically on Tuesday, April 13. The Parisians will receive the Germans in the Parc des Princes.