VIDEO Netflix shares an unpublished scene from La Casa de las Flores | Instagram

The wedding of Paulina de La Mora it was beyond what we saw on screen, and Netflix uploaded this special video of La Casa de Las Flores.

The third installment in the series by Manolo Caro It came to an end, however, a previously unprecedented scene from the last season of this trilogy.

Amid criticism, the third installment of The House of the Flores comes to an end, and a peculiar scene is the closing that dismisses the last season.

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In an attempt to give a sweet ending to the story, the outcome came as one of the most anticipated by fans of the series who finally concludes with the wedding of Paulina de La Mora with Maria Jose, same where you could see an inclusive and diverse wedding.

A special video shows the moment when Paulina de La Mora and Maria Jose they unite their lives again and although the scene does not delve much into details since it only shows the votes, made by himself Miguel Bosé, leaves no doubt that the iconic wedding was held.

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The video It shows the entire cast congratulating the brides, who finally united their lives in marriage again, so you can see some of the congratulations not only from the characters of the present, but also from the past, such as Virginia de La Mora, who returned only to congratulate his daughter.

However, although this installment marks the end of all history, this does not abandon until recently the expectation after a strange scene.

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The final chapter became a bit strange since Paulina de La Mora she is at serious risk after being threatened by Purification, (María José’s sister), however, in an out of the ordinary act, the deranged Purificación was apparently shot down by Virginia de La Mora, in an attempt to care for her daughter.

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Was it that Virginia really was alive, or did she return from the afterlife to save Paulina? It is one of the great unknowns with which the series possibly leaves the audiences, since on the other hand, they have not revealed any clues, this includes Manolo Caro , so this will be left to the interpretation of each of the spectators who, good or bad, finally dismiss the series.