Video: moments of terror lived by Israeli basketball players due to the warning of an anti-missile alarm

The duel was suspended due to the state of emergency in the area.

Photo: Uriel Sinai / Getty Images

The images produced by the warlike conflict between Israel Y Palestine. Hundreds of innocent people are left in the middle of totally reprehensible acts, but without a doubt they are marking our time. This time panic reached the sport of Israel. A group of basketball players, coaches and other people who were in a sports arena, they felt the terror very closely to the thunderous sound of an alarm signaling the possible presence of a missile.

The meeting was in the final stretch. Seven minutes to go to the end of the last quarter of the match between Maccabi Raanana Y Maccabi Kiryat Motzkin. The game was played at the Maccab, in the city of Raannana, very close to Tel Aviv. However, this commitment could not have an “expected” end. The sound of an anti-missile alarm indicated to the people of the place, the possible existence of bombers in the area.

From then on, panic and tension took hold of people. Players, referees, coaches and fans were alerted to the situation. Many they threw to the ground while others were desperately searching for a “safe place”.

Obviously, the sport took a back seat. The match was suspended by the state of alarm that was deployed in the area. The videos have been widely disseminated through social media. The conflict between Palestine and Israel has caused multiple material damage, in addition to hundreds of people injured and 70 dead.

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