VIDEO: Minor miraculously emerges from the rubble of a collapsed building in Miami Beach with the help of firefighters

Friends and relatives of residents in the collapsed Champlain Towers building in Surfside are waiting for news of them.


Images released by the television station WPLG Local 10 in Miami, Florida, show the moment in which they rescue a minor between the rubble of the Champlain Towers residential building, which collapsed this morning, in Surfside.

In the video that circulates on social networks, the young man, who appears to be a teenager, is seen trying to get out by himself between the concrete pieces.

Immediately, a firefighter holds him and carries him on his shoulders, while others try to clear the area to finally remove it from the space.

Finally, the victim is placed on a stretcher to receive medical attention.

Along with the boy, another person would have been rescued alive.

So far, some 35 people have been rescued alive from their apartments in the 12-story building, while a total of 51 remain missing.

Among these are Sophia López-Moreira, sister of the first lady of Paraguay, Silvana López-Moreira.

The authorities have also not found the trace of her husband, businessman Luis Pettengill; another woman identified as Lady L. Villalba and three minors, according to the Foreign Ministry of Paraguay.

A third of the structure that has more than 100 units collapsed around 1:20 a.m. for reasons that are still unknown.

At least 80 fire brigade units are in the area in search and rescue efforts.

At the moment, only one fatality from the collapse has been counted. His identity has not been released.

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