Video Lizbeth Rodríguez and Jiapsi Yañez together at Tiktok, exhibition duo | Instagram

The beautiful Lizbeth Rodríguez shared on social networks that she was in Mazatlán, Sinaloa with her partner Esteban Villa Gomez where apparently they had a pretty good time and he also met great friends like Jiapsi Yañez, with whom he showed that together they are a real explosive duo.

If both youtuber were considered « start » or p3ligr0, now they will be much more, because Liz shared how both d1spar @ ban in a shooting range and they are very good.

Jiapsi and Liz had very pleasant moments in the place where they were quite concentrated in the video that Rodríguez shared in Tiktok.

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The former Badabun girl wore a very short white dress, which was part of a controversy with Kimberly Loaiza; Whoever claimed someone posted a photo on his Instagram without his permission.

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The image in question, was a photograph of Lizbeth sitting and dressed in that dress, Kim claimed to have deleted it as soon as he noticed its publication.

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Many accused Lizbeth Rodríguez of interfering in the accounts of the lindura mayor, while others accused the interpreter of Do not be jealous of causing controversy over the release of his song You Lost Me.

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For her part, Lizbeth Rodríguez continued her time in Sinaloa as happily as possible. He was seen going out at night, on the beaches and accompanying his partner to a conference.