Video Lizbeth Rodríguez and her mother show off in a swimsuit for Tiktok | Instagram

Lizbeth Rodríguez surprised on Tiktok with a hilarious video in which she and her mother show off in swimsuits on a family pool day.

The mother of the youtuber captures the eyes dancing, performing the already popular Tiktok in which they point out that they were told that by getting pregnant young they ruined their lives.

The video revealed that Rodríguez’s young mother became pregnant at 15 years old, but the surprise came when Lizbeth and her brother appeared on camera to show off their blessings.

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The lady danced in front of the camera of the most amused in a black swimsuit with transparency in the back, while Lizbeth wore a more colorful swimsuit.

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Both women caused a furor in Youtube when making strong confessions in « I never, never », where the pain was left of lake.

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Lizbeth ended up confessing to her mother that she has been in a threesome and also that she heard her when she was nine years old making the « delicious ».

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On the other hand, Liz never imagined that her mother has also listened to her in full action and also that she has put aside family days to go out and make the « delicious ».