VIDEO: Lety Calderón exhibits a family for occupying a parking space for the disabled

Mexican actress Leticia Calderon, used their social networks to report a family that occupied a parking space exclusively for the disabled, although they did not need it.

Calderón posted a video on his Instagram account to expose a man who left his car parked in a wrong place and captured with his cell phone the moment when he confronted the family to tell them to free up the space for people who really need it, because they were breaking the rules.

If there is something that ‘makes me sick’, it is badly educated people. How do people feel when using the special places for people with disabilities? ‘PHYSICAL’ or the elderly or people who for some reason cannot walk? ”Was the text that accompanied the recording.

It is worth mentioning that the people the actress recorded at no time left the place and they alleged that one of them was pregnantThis being the reason why they decided to place their vehicle in a place where it could clearly only be used by people with different abilities.

Later, Calderón tells them that the place is for the disabled, not for pregnant people who can walk perfectly; However, the members of the family walk ignoring the claims of the famous.

Of course, Lety’s publication managed to go viral and her fans have left all their support through comments under the post.

“Sad reality, apart from getting upset”, “God willing they will never need it”, “And still badly parked”, “The understanding disability may perhaps justify the lady”, “They have no education or respect. More empathy is needed ”, and as well as these messages, there are more applauding their bravery to exhibit this type of person.

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