Video: LeBron James dances salsa to the sound of Lalo Rodríguez’s greatest success

James showed very good skills to the rhythm of the salsa.

Photo: Jacob Kupferman / Getty Images

LeBron James danced salsa. And he danced very well! “The King” starred in the latest Mountain Dew commercial, one of the most commercialized soft drinks in the United States. The script consisted of showing two versions of a person in the morning. And in addition to spending the day washing or ordering food in a hypothetical situation where you do not consume the aforementioned product, James would have a salsa academy called “El Grande LeBron”.

For 10 seconds we can see perhaps the best player in history dancing salsa to the sound of “Come, devour me again”, probably the greatest success of the Puerto Rican salsa singer Lalo Rodríguez. And while the time frame is short to judge, LeBron’s moves are more than acceptable. Enjoy.

Every morning you have to make a decision: go to sleep or get up. What do you choose?“, He wrote on his Twitter account, referring to the commercial. Without a doubt, it is one of the most entertaining moments that LeBron has given us in recent times.

“Come, devour me again” was released on the album Un Nuevo Despertar, which was released in 1988. A before and after in the history of salsa.

And here we can see the full commercial:

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