VIDEO: Latino family raises $ 12,000 for 89-year-old grandpa who works delivering pizza to pay bills

Derlin newey a delivery man pizzas from 89 years from Roy, Utah He was surprised after hundreds of people donated money to give it to him. The Grandpa He received $ 12,069 dollars thanks to the good deed one family originally Latin.

The story of this octogenarian began when one of his clients, a man of Latin origin named Carlos Valdez shared a video of the man working delivering pizzas from Papa John’s.

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Newey He became known for saying, “Hi, are you looking for pizza?” knocking on the door of Valdez.

Newey She had been working 30 hours a week delivering pizzas after her monthly bills became too expensive to be covered by her paychecks alone. safety Social.

The fans and followers of the TikTok page of Valdez they joined because they said they were moved that the 89-year-old man had to work so hard at his age.

So the young man of Latino origin had the idea to raise funds for Newey among his TikTok followers. Thus, Valdez and his followers raised $ 12,069.00 for Newey.

After that, they agreed on an appointment to surprise him with the check and a personalized T-shirt with a cartoon of Grandpa holding a pizza box that says: “Hello, ¿are you looking for pizza? “

Newey He was overwhelmed with emotion and said, “How can I say thank you? I do not know what to say”.

Although the money that was handed over was a few weeks ago, the story has started to go viral.

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