Video La Casa de Papel 4 launches new trailer, what about Nairobi | Netflix

Nairobi was seriously injured, but what will happen to her?, Is the great unknown that La Casa de Papel must resolve in its fourth season and this is the latest advancement.

Yesterday Netflix released a new trailer for its famous series, which focuses on what will happen to the counterfeiter.

Nairobi She was tricked by Inspector Alicia and they used a stuffed toy of her son to make her leave her den, then she was seriously injured.

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In the new advance of La Casa de Papel it can be seen that Nairobi is being treated and has a manual respirator on her face, she could lose her life.

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The recording carries in the background the sound of a machine that marks the heartbeat and the advance ends with a final grind, Could it be that we will lose this character forever?

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In the short video of less than 40 seconds you can also see the long-awaited return of the love of The Professor, the Inspector, who was apprehended by Alicia and hopes to collaborate with the authorities, turning her back on La Banda.

The Paper House in its fourth season will arrive on the Netflix platform on April 3, in an excellent season for all those who will continue to be quarantined by Coronavirus.