Video Kimberly Loaiza is recorded while bathing for Tiktok | Instagram

Kimberly Loaiza has become one of the queens of Tiktok and frequently shares content for all her followers, who delighted in a new video they did not expect, of the older cutie bathing.

A video was posted on Kim’s account in which the mischievous camera followed the youtuber to the bathroom to transmit it from the shower for the famous application.

In the images you can see the cute cutie washing her hair under the shower while singing and dancing, but no, Kim Loaiza has nothing to fear since everything was planned to make a fun video.

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The youtuber recreated a fun scene of Alvin and the squirrels and he could be seen wearing a top while bathing.

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Kimberly has all the Internet users on fire after revealing on Twitter that he has a huge secret, is it about Juan de Dios Pantoja?

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Speculation began between whether he returned to his daughter’s father or has a new one. collaboration musical on the way.

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On the other hand, in Tiktok she shared a video in which she indicates that her condition is complicated, so it seems that we will not know very soon what happens to her and Juan de Dios Pantoja.