Video Kimberly Loaiza could have a new love and is not Juan de Dios Pantoja | Instagram

To date only there are rumors Regarding that the former couple formed by Kimberly Loaiza and Juan de Dios Pantoja have returned, however recently a video is circulating where The Biggest Cuteness is with another man who is not your ex.

It was from the month of April approximately that the couple began to have problems due to a certain controversy in which the interpreter of « Error ».

Two days ago, Kimberly shared a video on her official account of Tik tok in which she is dancing bachata with another man.

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It is very normal that this type of music is danced in a daring way, it is what characterizes this type of songs the most, therefore you can appreciate Kimberly moving his hips more markedly, as do some extremely daring moves, all while the knight is guiding her because he also does the same.

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Several of his followers commented that they would prefer that the video dance with John of God, maybe some of them left with the idea that he was the one who danced Well, this person was wearing a mask, however when they paid attention to him they realized that he was not his former partner.

« I wish Juanito were dancing with her, » commented an account that goes by the name JUKILOP.

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Could it be that this person is something more than Kimberly? It should be noted that this is not the first video in which the young man who was not tagged appears, but from what can be seen, far from being a new loving romando, he is a very good friend of the interpreter of « Do not be jealous ».

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« I miss you (Bachata Version) – Xtreme » It is the song that both are dancing, apparently they are at the airport from what can be seen in the background of his video, which already has a million like’s and more than eleven thousand comments.

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