VIDEO: Hispanic throws a hammer at policemen and they shoot him down; “Heavenly Father, help me,” he said before the shooting

Incident where Samuel Ponce was killed.

Photo: LDPA video capture / Courtesy

A man Hispanic identified as Samuel Ponce, was shot by police officers from The Angels, on Westlake after he threw a hammer at them March 19 last.

The video images, recorded by the body cameras of the officers and published by the Los Angeles Police Department, included radio conversations from the beginning of the persecution. In the scenes, the officers are heard talking about what they thought that the man of Hispanic origin, and who would later be identified as Samuel Ponce, was ill mentally or intoxicated.

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In the scenes of what happened it is shown that the officers at first they kept to distance as they followed him.

Then one of the officers asked if they should try to arrest Ponce to which supervisor replied: “Nerd“.

Instead, the policeman Shooting projectiles while Ponce kept walking, passing between the police and civilian vehicles.

The situation turned every more tense as foam projectiles do not Ponce was arrested.

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After being hit with a projectile, and apparently with a taser, Ponce He kept walking away from the officers.

“Heavenly Father, help me,” he was heard saying to Ponce in Spanish.

Then the supervisor told the group of officers that “flank” to Ponce, and they approached him immediately.

It was then that Ponce He circled a parked pickup truck and threw the hammer at officers a short distance away. After Ponce he lifted a second object and it was there that at least one officer fired the taser while another shot Ponce with his gun and finally Ponce fell to the ground.

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Shots!Shots! ” said one of the officers.

LAPD officials said they recovered a hammer and “a rear-mounted bicycle kickstand” from the scene of the shooting.

The Ponce shooting remains under investigation. After an internal review of LAPD, will be presented to the Commission from Policeman, which will vote on whether the tactics and shooting were within Los Angeles Police Department policy.

The broadcast of the video occurs in the middle of the discussion that changes are needed in the shape in which the officers handle calls that involve people what they show signs from disease mental or abuse from substances before being arrested and in the middle of the discussion of police abuses against racial minorities.

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