Video game cities so awesome you should visit them at least once

The open world genre is without a doubt the one that most presents itself to offer freedom to players. In addition to vast territories to travel, one of the main assets of this type of game are the cities. In them we find countless secondary missions and characters at least curious and charismatic.

In recent years and thanks to the considerable technological advances in the graphic field, we have been able to enjoy huge cities that have had us trapped for hours. Get lost in a city like Los Santos, Kamurocho or Altissia Among many others, they offered us unforgettable moments that we will always remember for a long time, in addition to being, of course, cities present in big games.

Los Santos | Rockstar

That is why, with the considerable tribute to those that we have classified as best video game cities, it is time that we put your knowledge to the test. You will not have to define the streets of the same by heart, but at least be able to identify or remember which game they belong to.

Open world games will be part of the protagonists of the new generation of consoles that has just started with Playstation 5 Y Xbox Series. Many studios will want to squeeze the potential of the Sony and Microsoft platforms respectively, nothing better for this than putting large cities to visit as well as hundreds of characters on screen with whom to interact.