Video: Frida Sofía reiterates that she will take legal action against Enrique and Alejandra Guzmán

Through a video statement he shared on his Instagram, Frida sofia reiterated that he will take legal action against his grandfather and mother, the artists Enrique and Alejandra Guzman.

“After many hours with psychologists and experts, a healing process, which is long, I see much clearer. I even appreciate the pressure and insistence of Enrique Guzmán to file a complaint; it is the way to prove the facts.

Today I reiterate my decision to initiate legal actions against Enrique and Alejandra Guzmán for the various events to which I was subjected, and that they marked me and affect me every day of my life. I seek justice, not revenge. Justice because it is part of my healing, and to help with my example many people who have been affected by the same ”.

The interpreter of “Ándale” affirmed that the interview she gave to Gustavo Adolfo Infante a few months ago, in which she revealed that Enrique touched her improperly when she was little, was not carried out with the intention of selling an exclusive but rather to express her truth to the world .

“I am not a person who sells himself to tell his life and call it ‘an exclusive’. Many find it difficult to understand that this was not an exclusive that I sold; It is the reality of what my life has been, and is not for sale, “he said.

“When you have been attacked in every possible way since you can remember, while in front of show business you lead a perfect life, you start to think that nobody is going to believe you if you speak. I have felt very lonely and ashamed; It is difficult to carry such a heavy load and smile in front of the cameras when you know that it is not your reality ”.

She added that the encounter with Infante helped her open her eyes to the reality of many women who, like her, have decided to shut up because, she said, it is more comfortable for everyone to pretend that they did not experience abuse, and for the fear of being singled out as crazy, manipulative and mentally unstable.

Abuse is precisely the reason for the trauma suffered by women who have been abused by our own family. Abuses that mark us and change us forever. It hurts me deeply to be in this situation, merely legal and personal, with the woman I have loved the most and who gave me life, “he said.

It is a deep pain not to feel protected and understood by my mother, but I no longer expect anything from her. Today I free myself from his manipulation and blackmail. I don’t know what my deepest pain is: having been abused and violated, or living completely neglected, unprotected by the person who had to take care of me and protect me ”.

The celebrity expressed that her greatest wish with her legal movement is to help de-standardize the abuse, neglect and censorship of those who have been victims of traumatic events.

“Contributing a grain of sand to make this denormalize will be my legacy. I ask the authorities, who will know the facts that I will make known to them, act in accordance with the law, with rectitude, and show society that fame or influences do not matter, and that justice does exist, “he concluded.

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