Bogota.- A video circulating on social networks shows how for a Tamale, security elements managed to capture a man who assassin to a nurse.

The events were recorded in
Bogota, where the criminal nicknamed
‘El Costeño’ He was wearing a biosafety suit and face mask to avoid the police, however, a breakfast brought to him by one of his companions allowed his capture.

Videos from security cameras allowed to identify the criminal, identified as Ángel Clemente Coronado, and his accomplice, ‘The Vene’, that on May 18 they robbed a nurse named Yenny and her boyfriend, and they gave her a Shooting fatal to the woman.

The nurse, mother of three girls, struggled with the thieves and one of them shot her in the chest, causing her death.

After this, the criminals hid in a house, however, hunger beat them and they had to go shopping food .

Major Jhon Cedeño, head of the Sijín homicide investigation line, said that ‘el Costeño’ had links “with people who carried out bicycle-taxing, informal transportation in the town, he called these people to request basic food, in such a way that this person came to the door and received them ”.

One of those calls was traced and so they located the house where the criminal was, who hours later called one of his friends to bring him a Tamale.

On that occasion they took him to the house and the indicated criminal came down with the white suit, but without a mask. Then he went up to the terrace of the house where he enjoyed his tamale, not noticing that a police informant was taking photos of him to confirm his identity.

With information from Caracol News.


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