India.- Videos and photos circulating on social networks show how farmers and citizens are tremendously surprised when attacked by lobsters in Madhya Pradesh, India.

Almost 10 districts in Madhya Pradesh they suffer a massive locust infestation that threatens crops at harvest time.

This is really the worst time for locusts to invade farmland, because growers are ready with mustard, cumin, wheat, flowers and vegetables, “said Kedar Sirohi, leader of the Aam Kisan Union.

It is worth mentioning that lobsters, part of the grasshopper family, can travel 93 miles per day, and each adult can eat their weight in food in the same amount of time.

These lobsters were caught a few days ago in the crops of some districts of Madhya Pradesh, the videos and images became viral after that.

According to local media information, the 10 affected districts in Madhya Pradesh are the main producers of mustardcumin wheat flowers, fruits and vegetables.

These are the districts of Neemuch, Ratlam, Mandsaur, Shajapur, Ujjain, Dewas (the six districts of the Malwa region), Hoshangabad, Harda (the two districts of the Narmada region) and Sheopur and Guna.

I have seen how they are robbing a field and how in a matter of minutes they eat fruits, vegetables and everything that grows in the fields. I have never experienced anything like this, most of us do not understand how destructive these locusts can be, “said Dileep Patidar, a farmer and resident of the Udaa Gaon village in the Mandsaur district.

With information from The Wire.


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