Video Ezra Miller attacks a fan and full of memes on social networks | AP

Everything was on video! Ezra Miller It has become a trend in social networks due to a video that is circulating in which he assaults one of his followers.

Although this recording has earned him a lot of criticism, for others it has been a source of inspiration to fill Twitter with memes about the model.

It was early this Sunday morning that the images became a trend, in 15 seconds you can see how Miller hangs one of his fans and throws her on the floor.

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Fortunately, it was all a game and this recorded in Iceland It cost him harsh criticism from those who did not know.

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The actor from The Advantages of Being Invisible wore a red raincoat and took the young woman, who kept laughing at the alleged attack.

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Oh, do you want to fight? Do you want to fight? The famous man says to the young woman.

Despite the fact that everything was a game for some, it seemed quite heavy, and even in the video you can perceive that the person filming asks you to calm down.

After these images, the memes were immediate, approved or not, the conduct of Ezra Miller ?.