Video Demi Rose in tremendous neckline duel with her friend | Instagram

Demi Rose is not only possessed of enormous beauty, but also enjoys surrounding herself, which is why one of her best aimgas is a stunning blonde with whom she starred in a true neckline duel.

The pair of friends apparently went out partying and their charms became protagonists with their tremendous necklines.

Demi Rose chose an outfit in which the front neckline makes it more than clear that she does not wear a bra, while her friend used a crossed white top that did not end up covering her chest completely.

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The model shared in her stories of instagram how much fun she was having with her friend to the rhythm of the music and the party.

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Demi Rose had shared on several occasions how much she missed going out and traveling, this in the face of the current health contingency.

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However, the famous never ceased to pamper and delight her followers with her beauty and her bearing on social networks.

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The beautiful Demi can be seen from an elegant dress, with very few clothes, or dressed up, but always looking really beautiful.