Video: Cecilia Galliano takes off her bra to get on the treadmill and exercise

Cecilia Galliano is an Argentinean actress and television host who has made a career in the Mexican entertainment industry. The public knows her for having been the main host, along with Omar Chaparro, of the “Sabadazo” program. Also for participating in soap operas such as: “La Taxista”, “De que te quiero, te quiero”, “Mi Corazón es Tuyo” and “Una Familia con Suerte”, among other projects.

In each of these projects, in addition to her talent, the public has been able to witness her great physical beauty, which a few hours ago was again in evidence through a video that she shared on her social networks. In this, the soap opera villain was seen without a bra while exercising on the treadmill.

On Instagram you can see the achievements of so much exercise. And it is that Argentina also publishes photos in a bikini and her fans adore her for this and more. Above all because in addition to beauty, Cecilia has great charisma and a sense of humor.

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