video calls from the toolbar in one click

The first novelty that we have known at the Windows 11 presentation event is that Microsoft’s new operating system will bring Teams, the chat and video calling platform of the American company, natively integrated. which will appear in the toolbar at the bottom of the screen and in the main menu.

Those of Redmond, Washington, assure that this integration will facilitate communication between their users, since they will be able to open the chat window and write or start a video call with one click.

Although they have not offered many more details, in the images shared by Microsoft it can be seen that when you click on the Teams icon, a list of contacts will be displayed in which you can search for the person you want to talk to. When clicking on a profile, The interlocutor’s chat window will open and you can choose to write or make a video call.

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With this integration, Microsoft slams on the table to position itself as the favorite video call provider of millions of users who use Windows in their day-to-day lives, both for private and professional use, against rivals such as Zoom, Google Meets or Webex.

So far, Microsoft Teams had stood out above all as a communication platform for professionals, and most of the improvements that Redmond have been introducing in this tool in recent months have been oriented to the workplace, from the option of creating seminars of up to a thousand people with it to the possibility of translating presentations of slideshow. With this integration, Microsoft is decisively launching itself for the individual user who uses video calls to communicate with family and friends.

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