Isolation does not prevent the celebration of one of the world’s soccer legends, Lionel Messi.

A May Day but in 2005 the Argentine scored against Albacete which would be the first of the 438 goals scored by LaLiga, a figure that makes him the highest historical scorer in the competition.

That day Lionel Messi premiered as a scorer with Barcelona at the Camp Nou, in what was his ninth meeting with the Barcelona team, the seventh in LaLiga.

In that campaign of his debut, 2004/05, Messi only disputed seven goals and his only goal was the one he scored against Albacete, according to the OPTA report. But from there it grew and since 2008/09 he scored at least 20 in each of them in LaLiga, not counting this 2019/20, pending completion.

Messi scored that unforgettable goal against Albacete, in a match in which he had entered the field of play in the 87th minute replacing the author of the first goal of the match, Samuel Eto’o. It was in the 90th minute, with the assistance of the magician Ronaldinho:

In 2011/12 he achieved his highest number of goals in the same season, reaching 50, the absolute record of a player in one season in the competition. In the current season he has scored 19 goals in 22 games played.

Sevilla (29) is the rival who has scored the most goals in LaLiga (29 in 26 games), followed by Atlético de Madrid (25 in 27 games) and Valencia (24 in 27 games).

He has been a LaLiga top scorer six times (2009/10, 2011/12, 2012/13, 2016/17, 2017/18 and 2018/19). It is the record of a player shared with Telmo Zarra who was also six times.

The Argentine has scored 256 goals at the Camp Nou in LaLiga and 182 at home. Of his 428 LaLiga goals, 360 have been from inside the box and 78 from outside. He has scored 55 from a penalty and 35 from a direct foul.

Most of his goals have been with the left (361). The stretch of the game in which he has scored the most goals was between the 76th and 90th minute, I have done, 26.7% of his goals in LaLiga have been in that period (117/438). The teammate who has given him the most assists in LaLiga is Luis Suárez with a total of 33, followed by Dani Alves with 26. In total, Lionel Messi has 627 goals with FC Barcelona.