Video and photo of Jennifer Lopez Leaves her fans breathless!

Video and photo of Jennifer Lopez Leaves her fans breathless! | AP

It is more than common than the fact that singer Jennifer Lopez share content on her social networks and immediately her fans are delighted, however this increases when she does it with several publications and if it is showing off her charms even better.

Besides being a successful singer, JLo is also known for being an excellent actress, dancer, businesswoman and is currently a recognized celebrity and star of social networks.

Beauty and intelligence combined has largely been the key to the success of Jennifer Lopez who is constantly surprising us with his publications, either promoting a project that he has on the doorstep or part of his daily life.

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On this occasion it was through his Instagram stories that he delighted his fans with his content as it appeared in both a video and a photo, for many this is the perfect combination of a publication by one of the biggest stars in Hollywood and also of Latin American music.

It was behind the scenes that he published in his stories, this photo session may be available soon on his official Instagram account, this practice is not exclusive to the Diva from the Bronxs as it is also known, but other personalities have also done it, one of the clearest examples is Kim Kardashian.

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7 hours ago the video and photograph of the current couple of Alex Rodriguez, the video was published first, in which JLo It does not appear in the foreground, the first thing we see in the image is the photographer, however the camera that is recording passes over her and focuses on the ex-wife of Marc Anthony, the beautiful Jennifer Lopez.

The interpreter of “On The Floor“She is wearing a full, one-piece swimsuit in beige, but with some details all over the seams, they appear to be small round pieces made with light metal.

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Her hair is loose and she is posing with her arms holding her loose hair, in one of her hands she was accompanied by a silver bracelet, behind her you can see some small waves that reach the shore of the beach.

In the second image we already see the photograph in which she appears with this swimsuit, however it is another pose in which the model and businesswoman is, the only difference with the pose she did in the video is that she carries her arms differently His left arm is outstretched and with his right he is holding his forearm, a little above the elbow.


In the second image appears JLo With casual clothes, jeans and a white sleeveless shirt, he wears a gold watch and a thin pearl bracelet, his hair, as in the first two images of the publication, is loose, he is also seen in the sea although he does not know He is able to distinguish whether he only wet his feet or more part of his body.

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The images appear to be part of a photo shoot that will be for an issue of “In Style Magazine”, for the beauty issue of March 2021.

For the singer it is common to constantly appear on the covers or interiors of famous and recognized national and international magazines.

However, it could be that for her it is something really exciting like any other personality of the show as it happened with Georgina Rodríguez, partner of Cristiano Ronaldo who excitedly showed off the magazine covers where she appeared a few weeks ago.