Video Alexa Dellano, this is how she keeps her rear guard firm | Instagram

Model, businesswoman and influencer Alexa Dellanos appears on video showing how you can keep your rear Firm doing exercises like the ones she does.

It is no secret that the model has resorted to certain operations to have such a voluptuous body like the one you have today.

However after the surgeries it is necessary to start exercising to keep everything in place and that your body get used to it.

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Dellanos recently revealed that she has been vegan for more than 5 years and that it is one of the best habits that she has had and that makes her feel safe, happy and like never before, since it shows that the young woman is quite happy like this, so eating is also an important step to take care of your body.

The video was shared by a portal on Instagram, although the face of the model does not appear they claim it is Alexa Dellanos.

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“#AlexaDellanos shows how to keep the buttocks in a house”, they shared in the publication.

The model has the habit of not having as many publications on her official Instagram account, so it is not surprising that on many occasions she deletes certain publications.

Watch the video of Alexa Dellanos, click here.

The video lasts a few secondsHowever, it would be prudent to comment that surely those seconds were praised for several minutes by Internet users who have surely seen this video over and over again.

Only a few hours have passed since it was shared on Instagran and it already has more than two hundred thousand reproductions, there is no doubt that Alexa He knows how to get attention.

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It was through an interview that Dellanos confessed that from a very young age he knew that his life would be as it is today, growing up and seeing his mother the driver Myrka Dellanos Alexa knew she wanted the same as her mom.

Although Alexa tries to keep less than one hundred and fifty publications On his Instagram account, his followers continue to rise as they do not lose any of his publications, although sometimes he ends up deleting them.

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