Video Alessandra Rosaldo puts Eugenio Derbez in his place in Tiktok | Reform

Apparently the talented Eugenio Derbez does not like cooperating with household chores very much and that is why his wife Alessandra Rosaldo decided to put him in his place in the middle of Tiktok.

The singer shared a video that quickly made headlines for her way of « putting her husband in her place, » which was with a g0lpe.

In the recording, you can see how Rosaldo is holding a red cooking shovel in his hand, which he is rocking on his way until he reaches Eugenio, who was talking on the cellphone.

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The comedian was concentrating on his call when a strong g0lp3 hit his cheek, everything was recorded in the video.

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Let’s see if I can get @ederbez to help me in the kitchen ‍ , wrote Alessandra along with the video.

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Recently, Eugenio Derbez’s wife received large critics for pretending to p @ tear his little daughter Aitana in one of the videos.

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In the recording, Alessandra made her daughter disappear to prevent her from stealing her attention, in response she made a video that called the v3ng @ nza and the minor did the same with her mother.