Video Alejandro Speitzer and Ester Expósito live their love on the beach | Instagram

The actor Alejandro Speitzer caused a huge commotion when he shared a video on social networks where he is seen as most loving with Ester Expósito.

In the recording shared in their Instagram stories, the love couple can be seen lying on the sand, while the beautiful blonde repeatedly kisses Alejandro on the cheek.

Huge commotion caused the first images in which the protagonist of Dark D3se0 and the Elite actress were seen very romantic.

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Speitzer became the envy of many when it was confirmed that he had a relationship with the beautiful actress who achieved fame in the series that shared credits with Danna Paola.

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In fact, it was revealed that Danna was the cupid of this couple, since the actress maintains a strong friendship with Alejandro Speitzer since they were children.

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A post shared by Ester Expósito (@ester_exposito) on Jul 22, 2020 at 12:13 PDT

It was revealed that Speitzer went to Spain for the project with Netflix and the interpreter of Sodio presented him with Expósito, the rest is already history, a love story.

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Since then the paparazzi and the followers cause a huge stir when seeing Ester and Alejandro together, they form a beautiful couple.