VIDEO Aislinn Derbez, Mauricio Ochmann and the only reason they would return | Instagram

Although many have been hurt by the rupture that in past days they will announce Aislinn Derbez Y Mauricio Ochmann who seem to give signs that everything is going well, the only truth that appears is that they would only have a strong reason to reconcile as a couple.

Apparently it was or seemed to be the happy marriage consisting of Aislinn Derbez Y Mauricio Ochmann He keeps in constant expectation his followers who do not lose hope that they will return.

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Both in social networks, they are very kind to each other and any comments they make extolling the qualities of the other, or simply staying very at pending of what they do each unleashes the rumors of their fans for a probable reconciliation.

And is that so much Aislinn how Mauricio They shared moments of great happiness with their little daughter Kailanni during this confinement.

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However, it follows that it would be the only reason that seems to unite them today, little Kailani, which apparently was also reaffirmed by the actress. Aislinn Derbez in his last Instagram story where Ochmann also appears playing with the little girl while she records the moment.

The little person who has forced me to delve deeply into my past to resolve and not continue repeating everything that I no longer want in my life. Who has helped me confront everything that I panicked and realize that it was not as serious as I imagined. She, who has taken me to unknown places of myself, from where comes a strength and a love that I did not know I had. With whom I have understood that an absolute and true communication is what he most appreciates, and who understands everything even if he does not speak the same as I do. Who has taught me the beautiful fruits of being honest with my emotions in front of her, without hiding reality. Who has taught me to trust how capable, wise and intelligent children are from birth and that we should treat them as such. And now that you are entering a slightly more complicated stage, I have learned to recognize and validate your emotions and feelings. We constantly try to distract them from their tantrums, anger, pain, or sadness in order not to see them badly. But it is important that they know that their parents can support them calmly in those difficult moments, and that all their emotions are valid and allowed.

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And although the couple writes messages with much affection, like the one Mauricio wrote recently in a publication of AislinnNeither has mentioned or shared with their fans that they have ever spoken about their relationship at any time.

Which in themselves no longer feed hopes that they will return, however miracles can happen and perhaps Kailani be able to do it and dare to try if there are still feelings between you.

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Meanwhile, the little one Kai She will be two years old and her parents try as much as possible to be with her in her growth, both share moments with her daughter since, as they both pointed out, “her family will always be her priority

The family that we have formed together is our priority and we will always defend it, “reads the last section of the message they sent to their fans on social networks after the announcement of their separation.