Video: a gymnast from the USA celebrated his mark by showing his vaccination card against Covid-19

The student took the card out of his uniform and showed it in front of the spectators.

Photo: Alex Livesey / Getty Images

The pandemic has undoubtedly affected our daily lives. After many months, vaccines have begun to come out for combat the spread of Covid-19 in the world. Athletes have not been exempt from this problem and some use reflectors to incentivize people to get immunized. Some part of the population are with certain doubts regarding the treatment. Nevertheless, Evan Manivong took a special moment to start the campaign.

The gymnast of the University of Illinois managed to get one of the highest points of his career. In his jumping routine, the athlete achieved equals his best mark that I had achieved a month ago. What is striking about the event is that, after its successful presentation in the horse jumping modality, Manivong took out his vaccination card from the front of her jersey and showed it to the gaze of onlookers and cameras.

Sign me up for one of those cards“, Joked the commentator scheduled for that television broadcast, after the athlete showed his receipt. “It’s my vaccination card (…) everyone is going to get vaccinated!“Manivong said on his Twitter account.