Video: 20 days after brutal injury at UFC 261, Chris Weidman begins recovery process

The recovery after the serious fracture received by Chris Weidman took a big step yesterday afternoon. The former middleweight champion posted a video on his Instagram, walking alone in a static and enthusiastically showed the long recovery process ahead.

“Great day! I managed to get my foot back on the floor and walk in an anti-gravity aesthetic. This static offsets my weight and allows me to try to walk normally. It is the first case to align the shin and knee normally. We are trying to restart the conversation between the brain and the foot, increase my blood flow and accelerate the recovery. That leads my body to think that I am doing maximum weight sets, without excessive load on my recovering leg. I also sweated for the first time in my upper body since my last fight. “ wrote the former champion.

Despite the great initial evolution, the return of Chris Weidman it should take about 12 months, according to the expectations of the doctors. The former middleweight champion broke his leg while trying to land a low kick in Uriah Hall on UFC 261, which happened in April of that year. The injury was similar to that Anderson Silva suffered in front of himself Weidman on 2013.

The former middleweight champion, “All American” he is far from the best moment of his career. Injury aside, the American has only won two of his last six UFC fights. His current record is 15-6 in the MMA.

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