A 16-year-old teenager stopped what could have been a real tragedy.

Last Wednesday, a 22-year-old man by the name of Daniel Arroyo Beltrán attempted to kidnap three children in Las Cruces, New Mexico, in the morning, in front of their mother.

In two videos captured by security cameras, the aggressor can be seen trying to separate the children from their mother and assaulting the pedestrians who tried to stop him.

What he did not know, however, is that in front of the street was Canaan Bower, a collegiate fighter who competes as a Full Weight (285 pounds).

Bower was putting gas in his truck, and when he saw what was happening he rushed to intervene.

In what can be seen from the recording, Bower, who had won a championship a week ago, shoots down Beltrán and holds him until the arrival of the authorities, who proceed to carry out the arrest.

The news did not take long to reach the President of the UFC, Dana White, who congratulated Bower on his heroic act and proposed to meet him once the entire coronavirus crisis is overcome.

“Hey Canaan Bower, you are terrific. When this episode of The Twilight Zone is over, I’d love to meet you. “