David Vidales has started his journey in the single-seaters without hesitation. The Leonese driver has finished in second position in the second classification of the Formula Renault Eurocup in Imola, only behind his teammate William Alatalo.

After an excellent debut in single-seaters by David Vidales, this morning it was time to readjust the suit for the second classification of the weekend at Imola. This time, the asphalt has been presented at almost 32ºC.

The first records have been testimonial, as usual, as the riders needed to warm the tires to the optimum working temperature. The first to drop to 1’41 ’’ has been Victor Martins, still far from David Vidales’ record.

As the qualifying session progressed, there have been more than a few drivers who have improved to place at the top of the time table. Among them the young Paul Aron and, of course, also David Vidales and Franco Colapinto.

In development.

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