Victory for Arnedo after thrashing Casalarreina 3-0

04/04/2021 at 11:35 PM CEST

The Arnedo started with a 3-0 home win against Casalarreina during his first match of the Second Phase of the Third Division, which took place this Sunday in the Path. With this result, the Arnedano team is first with 39 points and the casalarreitero fifth with 27 points at the end of the duel.

The meeting started in a positive way for him Arnedo, who fired the starting gun at the Path with a bit of Canabate in the 31st minute. The Arnedano team scored again, increasing the score thanks to a goal from Arellano on the verge of the end, in 42, thus ending the first period with a 2-0 in the light.

The second half started in a favorable way for the local team, which put more land in between with a goal of Ruiz in the 53rd minute. Finally, the match ended with a 3-0 scoreline.

The coaches of both teams decided to use all the available changes. In it Arnedo they entered Corbacho, Manuel Rubio, Harpoon, Ibanez and Binke replacing Biesa, Cams, Araque, Arellano and Canabate, Meanwhile he Casalarreina gave entrance to Saul, Stephano, Porri, Red and Celso garcia by Yaron, Left, Uzal, Pitilla and Asier.

In the match the referee showed a yellow card to the visiting team. Specifically, he showed a yellow card to Pitilla.

At the moment, the Arnedo is left with 39 points and the Casalarreina with 27 points.

During the next round, the second of the Second Phase of Third Division, the Arnedo will play his match against him Yagüe at home. For his part, Casalarreina will play at home his match against him Oyonesa.

Data sheetArnedo:Sola, Biesa (Corbacho, min.67), Queleño, Arellano (Ibañez, min.75), Ruiz, Recalde, Omar, Araque (Harpoon, min.75), Levas (Manuel Rubio, min.67), Cañabate (Binke , min. 79) and MarioCasalarreina:Daniel Encinas, Pablo Beraza, Diego, Pani, Jorge Bernal, Pitilla (Rojo, min.86), Yarón (Saúl, min.62), Asier (Celso Garcia, min.86), Izquierdo (Estéfano, min.62), De La Parte and Uzal (Porri, min. 79)Stadium:PathGoals:Cañabate (1-0, min. 31), Arellano (2-0, min. 42) and Ruiz (3-0, min. 53)