It’s known that the relationship between Victoria Ruffo and her ex-husband Eugenio Derbez is quick and distantEven both Mexican television stars have made it very clear that the only thing that unites them is their son. Jose Eduardo, the result of the marital relationship that they had for five years in the 1990s.

The 27-year-old who has led his career down the comedy path Like his famous father, he is making his first steps in the world of video blogging, a project in which he invited his father and mother to participate, although separately.

Some days ago, the young man shared a joke he made to his father in which he asked him to take an alleged phone call from Victoria Ruffo; so repeating this same formula, Jose Eduardo he did the same now with his mom.

In the video posted on his YouTube channel, it is seen how when the fledgling vlogger he tells his mother that he is going to communicate Eugenio Derbez, the actress of melodramas like “Simply Maria” and “La madrastra”, her face changes, rolling eyes as a bodily sign of displeasure and uttering a resounding “No”.

“Since we are also in the anecdotes and the family, I want you to tell why you burned your house. If you were to eat by yourself, right now with Eugenio Derbez, what question would you ask him? Let’s see, César, hand me the phone that we have (Eugenio Derbez) there in a video call ”, were the words that Ruffo listened stunned and before which he did not hide his aversion and surprise.

A few days ago, the actress stated that her ex-husband should get over it and stop talking about her, after the star of “To the Right and to Derbez” and “Returns are not accepted” said that if necessary, would be willing to apologize, since what he wants is to carry the party in peace.

The actor who continues in the fight to consolidate his career in Hollywood cinema, stated on that occasion that there are things that still weigh him down, because the null relationship between him and Victoria -who have more than 10 years without speaking to each other- led to a distant relationship with her son.

In addition, José Eduardo has also already revealed that his mother not amused to see Eugenio even on television, arguing that she has “her version of events”, of which “she no longer remembers”.

“Well, if that is what he wants to believe, everyone there. José Eduardo knows his mom’s version and his dad’s version, he will already know what he grabs and what he does not grab, ”Victoria said before the media cameras.

“That is history. Since I surpass myself, please“Were the words of the first actress who reiterated that although Eugenio apologized to her, he would not accept it.

The media relationship between Derbez and Ruffo was marked in the end by their alleged “false wedding” held at a hotel heliport, a fact that wore out the marriage, some time later the comedian was accused by the actress of not providing financially for the support of José Eduardo.

María Victoria Eugenia Guadalupe Martínez del Río Moreno-Ruffo, her full name, is considered one of the queens of soap operas, a television genre in which she has worked for almost four decades, she has been married since 2001 to the current PRI governor of the Mexican state of Hidalgo, Omar Fayad, with whom he had two children: Anuar and Victoria.