Victoria Ruffo or Violeta Isfel, users confuse them after tremendous resemblance | Reform

The actress Victoria Ruffo has surprised millions of users on social networks, because her 58 years looks more spectacular than ever and some even point out that it has a great similar with the actress Violeta Isfel.

After a long time without sharing photographs of herself, yesterday she shared a photograph showing off her face as near looking younger than ever.

In this way the beloved actress achieved disturb to her biggest fans who undoubtedly missed her, because she does not usually share photographs of her.

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Victoria Ruffo captivated her followers without any fear by taking a photograph very close to her face, letting them appreciate that she maintains her well-groomed face and one smooth skin.

As expected, quickly his followers and even colleagues in the middle began to show themselves amazed for looking like every queen she is.

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They also did not stop praising her beauty and something that made a great impression was the great similar what do you have with the actress of 35 years Violeta Isfel, as many noted that they had very similar features.

It is worth mentioning that Ruffo is one of the few celebrities who has a bit out of the public eye during confinement, dedicating himself 100 percent to his family.

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For several years now, Victoria Ruffo has been considered one of the queens of soap operas, thanks to the number of soap operas it has starred in and to its great international success, over almost four decades.

He began his film career in the decade of 1970 and has devoted almost entirely to soap operas.

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Due to the popularity of his telenovelas Simply MarĂ­a, La fiera, La madrastra y Victoria, among many others, he acquired great popularity throughout Latin America, the United States, Europe and Asia.