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APR 06 (MEX) .- In days gone by, Victoria Ruffo gave his version of failure in his love relationship with Eugenio Derbez and although it is well known that they did not end in the best way, it was now revealed that the comedian was not even present at the birth of his offspring 27 years ago.

Luis Gatica, who was a partner of the actress during the 80s, revealed in an interview with the program “Confessions” that it was he who accompanied her during the delivery and gave her unconditional support. He also noted that the actress tearfully told her that it hurt her to see that the father of her son was not with her.

«At the most important moment of his life, which was when he was born Jose Eduardo, and all that process, who was with her was me. The day after José Eduardo was born I went to see Victoria at the hospital and she cried and said: “It wasn’t pretty, I was alone”, to which I replied: “You are a big woman and you’re going to leave from this”. What’s more, the next day Victoria left the hospital and José Eduardo came out in my arms. He needed me, ”said the actor, claiming that he never intended to take his dad’s place.

Also, the Veracruz man pointed out that although his romance with the actress did not prosper, a friendship so beautiful was created that today they are constantly talked about. He also revealed that when he was offered a role in the soap opera “La Fiera” he did not hesitate twice, since he had the opportunity to share the scene with his beloved.