Victoria Ruffo, ex-couple reveals, took the place of Eugenio Derbez when José Eduardo was born | Instagram

The actress Victoria Ruffo lived one of the most difficult moments during the birth of José Eduardo revealed the actor Luis GaticaWho was her partner and who accompanied her in those moments.

Actor Luis Gatica recently revealed that he was the one who dated Jose Eduardo in the hospital arms, the son of Victoria Ruffo Y Eugenio Derbez.

Both Victoria and Luis They were a couple for some time, which coincided with the birth of Jose Eduardo.


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The actor couple had a relationship in the early 1980s when the two worked together on the soap opera. ”
The beast“However, they ended their relationship after 4 months.

However, after concluding his relationship Between them there was a great brotherhood that still lasts until today.

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It was through the program “Confessions” of the channel TLNovelas led by Aurora Valley where the actor spoke about his relationship with the actress.

In the most important moment of her life, which was when José Eduardo was born and all that process, it was you who was there with her.

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However, the strongest moment was when he commented on something he had never revealed, Luis Gatica took the place of Eugenio Derbez to support her friend.

The day after José Eduardo was born, I went to see Victoria at the hospital and she burst into tears and said: ‘It wasn’t pretty, I was alone’, to which I replied: ‘You’re a big woman, you’re going to get out of this’ and what’s more, the next day that he left the hospital, José Eduardo came out in my arms. Vicky needed me.

It is worth mentioning that the actress Victoria Ruffo and the comedian Eugenio Derbez They had already parted ways after the actress argued she was tricked by the comedian into a “fake wedding.”

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For years the one who was the couple of the moment on the small screen, Derbez and Victory, have starred in several disagreements after their controversial separation, however, their son Jose Eduardo He has managed to face them after the debut of his own channel on the YouTube platform where he has addressed the issue that has kept them apart for several years.