The press conference of Victoria Azarenka after falling in the final of US Open 2020 It is one of those that should be put in schools. It has always been said that sport serves as a tool to take lessons in life, but those lessons have nothing to do with winning or losing. Learning goes much further, a theory that the Belarusian applies to her fingertips with every step she takes. Tonight things did not turn out the way she wanted, but he did not lack time to extract each positive aspect and highlight all the things that he has gained throughout these three weeks. And what did you lose? Just one game.

– The moment where everything changed

“Everything changed at halftime, at the beginning of the second set, she started to play better. I kept hitting some lines, I made really good shots, but Naomi was being very aggressive. I don’t know if the change in momentum lies there, I felt that there were key moments, for example 4-3 of that set. It was a long game, in the end it was 5-3. I did not take advantage of my opportunities, I did not know how to close it, but I also do not think there was only one turning point. In the third set I tried to come back, there were difficult moments, but it didn’t work out ”.

– Positive aspects that it takes

“It has been three great weeks of tennis, I have not had results like this in many times, so I am excited about it. Today is just a defeat, it doesn’t change much for me. Of course I would have loved to win, but it is what it is. I gave everything I could on the court, but it didn’t come my way. I’m proud of these last three weeks, I feel like I made a lot of progress, I played some fantastic games, I have overcome very important physical and mental stages. It’s been great, now I want to continue down this path, have fun. Going back to the US Open final has been fun, I am very grateful for this opportunity ”.

– Disappointment, a word that does not enter their vocabulary

“I am not disappointed, it is just a painful moment. It is always painful to lose. It’s what it is, I was close, very close, but it didn’t happen. I’m not going to overthink it, win or lose I’m not going to change. This has been a great experience that did not end the way I wanted. They were two great weeks, I enjoyed them a lot, I did everything I could, maybe I could have played better, but I left everything on the court. She won the match and has all the credit, she is a champion ”.

– Differences with the Azarenka of seven years ago

“I enjoy how I am on the court more, I do not focus so much on the result, but on progress, being in each moment, accepting difficult moments and challenges. When things don’t go your way, it’s more fun to keep trying. Right now I’m more focused on finding solutions than thinking about what I’m doing wrong. My mentality helped me get here, I had fun like never before in this tournament. Since you were little, they have a single vision for you, they don’t allow you to look anywhere, that’s how you lose the meaning of life and you become a tennis machine. Today I feel more complete outside than on the track, that is a real success. I will take this lesson above each result, this is the greatest achievement that I take personally ”.

– Dialogue with your child about everything they have overcome

“It’s a very good question, but I’ve never thought about it. I’m sure that at some point we will sit down and have many conversations about how things happened, the journey that we both went through. I don’t know, I’m not ready for this conversation yet. I hope there are still some more chapters to write, at the moment he is not old enough to understand all these issues, so we will have to wait ”.

– Expectations are still in the same place

“Nothing has changed. I have not thought about it either, I do not know what I will think in the next few weeks, I do not need to have the feeling of how I will feel in the next tournament. Expectations are part of the outside, from there the pressure is exerted that forces you to achieve something, but I already learned how to handle that situation. My expectation is always very high due to all the effort I put into it, that will not change. But in terms of results, if I focus on that again, I think it will be counterproductive for my evolution. I want to keep learning, I never want to be totally satisfied or always know how to act. Nothing of that. I want to continue being a student, I will fight for that ”.

– Will Rome play?

“I’m going to play, yes, tomorrow I’ll take the flight. It will be fun, I am very grateful for the opportunity that the tournament in Rome has given me with their invitation. I am looking forward to playing on clay, it will be a quick but fun change ”.