Víctor Romero: Technology in Political Campaigns

Victor RomeroVíctor Romero Source: Courtesy

Information is power, Big data it becomes a resource as valuable as time and used correctly, the results are exponential.

Good morning dear readers, thank you very much for taking a few minutes to read this week’s coffee and technology column.

How often do you share your photos, thoughts, visits and mood on your social networks? If the answer is: a lot, then the information in Big Data allows us to predict what to offer you and generate an action impulse, for example: to make a purchase.

A few years ago, political campaigns were defined with the 3 S’s (Sweat, saliva and sole), the long walks of the candidates greeting their neighbors at home; I’m not really sure if it applies to this next election.

In the pre-campaigns, they are already used CRM (contact managers) where people related to a candidate are registered, these platforms allow generating links to be shared by messages and in this way the registration is viral, at least this is the intention), the activities can be traced to the same as new records.

Do you remember having heard the topic of Cambridge Analytica? Well, it is a very clear example of what can be done with Big Data and influence people, through profiles on social networks, you can segment customs, habits and ideologies of different people in a population and in this way direct videos, messages, that achieve the effect we are looking for; millionaire amounts are invested in social media campaigns and in the analysis of information, as well as in powerful “Machines learning” that can predict people’s next step.

This is much more effective, given the worn image of politicians knocking on doors and making promises, digital information sends you suggestive material without telling you “don’t vote for him” or “vote for me.”

Digital transformation will be present in these next elections, but What is the antidote for avoiding misinformation and choosing the right candidate?; Find out, find out what he has done well and what he did wrong, the best candidate is not the one who speaks prettier, or who is handsome or pretty, much less the one who gives things away.

Today the decision is in the citizens and technology is a powerful tool to inform us, a recommendation that I always share with my friends, before forwarding a publication, validate if it is true.

Today I accompanied the reading with a cappuccino coffee, frothy and quite creamy, with this really cold that has been a great pleasure to taste.

I wish you an extraordinary weekend with the family and remember to be prepared for power outages.

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