Víctor Romero: Digital Transformation in HR

Victor RomeroVíctor Romero Source: Courtesy

Good morning dear readers, thank you very much for taking a few minutes to read this week’s coffee and tech column.

Today in the diploma that I am taking, by the way, I send a greeting to my work group, the Human Resources topic In one of the cases to be analyzed, I was struck by three relatively recent articles (2015, 2019 and 2020) where they highlight the urgency of making changes in one of the most important areas for companies.

For the first time, I hear that there is a push for the HR area to report financial benefits for companies, but What does this mean?, Well, the budget that is delivered to this area for its different activities has an ROE (Return on Equity), that is, their profitability is measured.

One of the good things that the pandemic has left, is that the different areas of companies have had to migrate towards digital, they probably had it in their sights for the next five years, however there are those who did it in five months. Among the benefits of a digital transformation, it is the power to use data for decision making; for example, a company that is 75 years old, Can you imagine all the information it has generated in interviews, hiring methodologies, development of compensation systems, etc ?; Well, all this data can be used to analyze profiles, select and predict new income.

I have had to participate in team building programs during a weekend, which generates an extraordinary result in the short term, I would say, very short term; I believe that exhaustive work is required in the new habilities that companies require and the most important is having a purpose, this definitely impacts in the long term.

Several articles have mentioned that many of the professions that we know today will disappear in the following decades, some of these will be replaced by intelligent computers, of course new requirements will arise that will have to be covered, I think that the “reskilling”(Re-training) will be the cornerstone on which the human resources area will focus.

How? One of the greatest benefits of technology is that through software, many of these activities, on-demand training in the cloud, analysis of data to predict employee trends, databases for long-term decision making are some examples of how.

Today I accompanied the writing with an American coffee, although I do not know the origin of the beans, it is a gift that I appreciate and enjoy very much.

I wish you an extraordinary weekend in the company of your family, remember to follow the recommendations of our government in health matters.

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