Víctor Romero: A new tax for technology

Victor RomeroVíctor Romero Source: Courtesy

In 2019, 44% of the population has a ICT device (Information and Communication Technology) as published on the page of INEGI, which means that more than half would have to pay an additional tax to acquire their computer if such initiative is authorized.

Last April, Congressman Sergio Meyer published a bill to record digital devices that store and duplicate digital material (videos, music, photos, documents, etc); saying tax (canon) would somehow address the authors, by the way this last point is not clear.

In recent months I am sure that in many households an effort has been made to acquire a TV, a smartphone or a computer so that the boys could attend virtual classes; It is a complicated year and that 2021 also looks quite challenging.

I agree that cloud services are legislated and put rules to the digital subject, However, I think there are other much more important digital issues to legislate at this time, for example the use of big data, rules and taxes of cloud services, etc.

Technology is advancing by leaps and bounds and I think the rules are getting late. The education and values They are fundamental; I remember a professor of mechanics of materials at the university who on the first day of classes forbade us to photocopy the textbook, he explained to us why copyright was violated, that if for some reason any of the students could not buy it, the book was available in the library or he could borrow his book during the semester. The proposed law proposes a tax on copiers, for this example my question is, How would the benefit get to the author in another country?

Seeing the proposal from another side, technology is agile, Every day thousands of apps are generated in the world for different platforms, so technology will begin to move to democratize information, authors will generate much more money on public platforms that work by subscription than from a tax charged only once.

Very soon we will see that platforms like waze Y Google maps, They can be connected to an intelligent system in a city, control traffic by prediction (traffic lights) and also generate reports of traffic due to speeding.

The invitation is that as citizens we participate in the initiatives of law, to generate quality proposals, value and high impact for the country. For the legislators the request is that they be inclusive, leaving pride aside.

Today I accompanied the writing with grains from Córdoba, Veracruz, ground and prepared by my wife; It is the best way to start the day with a good coffee.

I wish you an extraordinary weekend in the company of the family, remember to make your list of priorities for the good end, review it more than 3 times and select the priority number 1 to cover, with this, you will definitely yield much more your money.

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