Víctor Martínez: another living legend of the Venezuelan ball

There was a time when I did not know how to choose between him and Joe Mauer as my favorite receivers in the Big Top, in the end the mythical Joe prevailed, he hit more and was much better on defense, with more truths after that mythical campaign of 2009, in which he was the undisputed MVP from the beginning, but even so, Víctor Martínez was a benchmark for thousands of Caribbean baseball fans back in the early 2000s.

If for many, the Venezuelan lived his best years with the Boston Red Sox, personally I saw him show off a world with the Detroit Tigers until his retirement in 2018, just as if you ask me which of his stages I prefer, I would say it was the 2006 World Classic, where he performed well with the vinotinto squad and without making much noise, when everyone looked at Miguel Cabrera and Bobby Abreu, Víctor gave the important hits of the team led by Luis Sojo.

However, there is a reality, Víctor Martínez demonstrated conditions since his debut in the Major Leagues with the Cleveland Indians back in 2002 and if his defense as a catcher left much to be desired, with the wood he earned a prestige that preceded him forever until the 2018 season; Beyond his fatal percentage of caught stealing, Victor was a piece that any manager longed for in their lineup for his offensive overflow.

As the culmination of his career, he played for Venezuela in the fourth World Classic, a nice way to say goodbye to the fans.

Dear readers, we are talking about a man who in 17 seasons within the best baseball in the world, batted for 295 average, hit 245 home runs, drove 1178 runs and held an OPS of 814; numbers to take off your hat and clap your hands.




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