Víctor Font points to Griezmann

«The signing of Griezmann was made by the president of Barcelona, ​​who he is not a man from the world of football», With these forceful words he expressed himself Victor Font in an interview for UnanimoDeportes, making his opinion very clear about the signing of the French striker for which Josep Maria Bartomeu, already ex president culé, disbursed 120 million euros in the summer of 2019, a little over a year ago.

Font is one of the strong men in the race for the presidency of the Barcelona, one of the great favorites to achieve the culé throne. The candidate recently announced that Toni Nadal, Former coach and uncle of Rafa Nadal and brother of former culé Miguel Ángel Nadal, will be part of his candidacy. He wants him as an institutional asset, the same one that he indicated to be “Quite neglected” despite the fact that Guillermo Amor is in charge.

That is why any statement of Font be taken very seriously right now. The candidate focused his speech on the board of directors that would make up the new direction of the Barcelona Soccer Club: «Another fundamental change, which is the main and most important, is the board of directors. Currently the boards of directors of Barcelona are people with money and very passionate about Barca, but with little experience in the world of football and sports management».

Font used as an example of the mismanagement of wealthy Catalans and inexperienced sports with the signing a little more than a year ago Antoine Griezmann. The performance at Atlético de Madrid praised his signing but the reality has been different in the time that the French striker has been wearing the elastic Blaugrana, more media for a premature departure or enmity with Messi, than for his goals and assists.

“The signing of Griezmann was made by the president of Barcelona, ​​who is not a man from the world of football. Therefore what we want is first of all to have a board of directors in which there are people who have relevant experience to manage an institution such as Barca», Developed in this regard Font, to which he added: ‘Secondly, that this directive focus only on make strategic decisions. And thirdly, that we have very powerful executive structures both in the sporting part and in the business part, with the best professionals May they have the power to make day-to-day decisions.